Communication is So Important

A friend was bringing me up-to-date on his life, and for reasons I won’t get into, this story came to mind. Parts of it are second-hand, but I’m going to just tell it the way I’d tell it verbally, that is, without differentiating the bits that I know are true and the bits that are […]

The Best Kind of People?

Is it really a surprise when Sarong Party Girl says the best kind of people in the world are sluts? I just heard the other night, a smoker declaring that the most sociable, companionable, agreeable people in the world are smokers. To this I say, well, maybe. But you have to remember the Avian Rule: […]

On Male Sexuality and the Ogle

Ah, the work for an aesthetician is never ever finished. So the other night, I finished reading a great big chunk of a story a friend is working on. The story is kind of about this guy who, because of childhood experiences, develops a kind of obsession with retro pornography that was popular during his […]