Normal Sadism, Weak Boundaries, and Social Unhappiness

I was having a discussion with someone about life in Korea–someone who feels pretty much like I do about it–and something interesting crossed my mind. It’s the concept of “normal marital sadism” that was coined by the therapist David Schnarch to describe the very common form of emotional sadism that seems to develop in a lot–a lot–of […]

It Worked

If you’re a Boing-Boing reader, no point in trying — you know what’s in this video and it won’t work. But if you aren’t, then watch this video once, paying careful attention to how many times the balls are passed between people. Count ’em up. Make sure you get the exact number of passes. Here’s […]

The Best Kind of People?

Is it really a surprise when Sarong Party Girl says the best kind of people in the world are sluts? I just heard the other night, a smoker declaring that the most sociable, companionable, agreeable people in the world are smokers. To this I say, well, maybe. But you have to remember the Avian Rule: […]

On Male Sexuality and the Ogle

Ah, the work for an aesthetician is never ever finished. So the other night, I finished reading a great big chunk of a story a friend is working on. The story is kind of about this guy who, because of childhood experiences, develops a kind of obsession with retro pornography that was popular during his […]