Camp is Almost Over

Just home from the last-night-of-camp dance party.

I chose to be the fortune teller booth operator, and afterwards everyone was commending me as I worked it ALL NIGHT LONG. That is, until sometime after 10:30pm. The kids simply lined up in droves to hear their fortunes. And since they gathered around watching as I read each successive palm (despite my best efforts to shoo them away) I had to improvise each one. A dozen or more kids didn’t get their palms read and were devastated, and that after me steadily telling fortunes for several hours in a row, with a short “gotta-blow-my-nose” break.

Afterwards, the girls in my class asked me to write personal notes on the message pages for all the class’s students. Despite the fact I’d written a personal letter to each student today (on about ten minutes notice, that was, and 14 letters to 14 different kids), they all wanted a personal handwritten message.

And on those letters, for some reason I gave them my mailing address, instead of my softhome address, and so now I have to clean up some of the language on my homepage for a few weeks in case they pop by out of curiosity. It’s quite something that kids of age 12 can look at my email and deduce that I have my own website, where many adults don’t seem to be ableto add it up.

Anyway, I’m feeling tired as hell and none too healthy, and I need to be at the Vision Hall tomorrow morning at 9:00am for the rehearsal of the final ceremony. I don’t know what we’ll be rehearsing, and I think it’s unnecessary for us to be there so early, but I am being paid for it so I suppose I’ll just soldier on a few more hours. At least nobody minded me coming home, sick the way I am. It’s beena tough camp for me, and especially this last day. I haven’t gotten much of my own work done, and I didn’t get to talk with Lime beyond a short, “Are you busy now?” “Yes!” “Okay, I’ll try call you later!”

Ah well, tomorrow I am freeeeeeeeeeee! Well, to come home and collapse, if nothing else. There’s band practice but I fear I’m not even gonna be feeling well enough for that, not without a nap anyway. This week’s been go-go-go and I need a chunk of time for extra sleep.

What do you know, here’s a whole night of it! So off to sleep I go.

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