Busy Busy Busy

The shops wouldn’t do binding by the time I got to them, so I couldn’t finish my present for Myoung and Mer. I’ll have to just finish it next week and give it to them then.

It’s cooler than before, but still kind of hot these days. I was hoping to wear pants but Lime warned me I might die if I do. Damn it! Why oh why won’t fall come a little earlier? I’m sick of wearing shorts everyday!

Ah well… today’s Mer and Myoung’s Baby Shower, at the criminally exorbitant Outback Steak House. I usually refuse to eat somewhere that expensive out of principle but, well, you know, I’ll give in today. I think I’ve convinced Lime to come, as well, which is nice. She usually doesn’t come out to such things (and I don’t help much, since I also often avoid large gatherings of foreigners and their assorted hangers-on).

After that there’s a gig in Kwangju and I don’t know how many of us are going in Myoung’s car. I’m trying to talk Lime into coming for that too but I don’t know if she will. It’d be fun, though.

Out of frustration with my equipment and just a need for something new, I’ve decided to retire the soprano sax from gigs for now. I talked with the band about my various (musical and other) frustrations and I was encouraged to take time off if I need it. But all that’s for another post, later… for now, all I can say is I hope Lime comes to the gig just so she can see us and also see how I experience the band, the good as well as the mind-numbingly boring. (And there is good… there is.)

Anyway, I should be home tonight by midnight. Tomorrow’s a BIG cleaning day… my flat needs it after several weeks of being unlived-in and semi-lived-in. Ugh! It’ll be nice when the place is really clean again.

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