Iranian Fashion Resistance For Women


At Gweilo Diaries I found a link to a somewhat interesting slideshow that’s supposed to depict how (some) “Iranian women are modifying and eroding the strict religious dress rules” in an age when “the ruling righ[t]-wing conservatives are considering the introduction of a unified ‘National Dress’ (Lebaas-e Melli) for women.” Therefore I’m sticking this under “politica” in my category system. So there.

2 thoughts on “Iranian Fashion Resistance For Women

  1. Salam

    I have just recently returned from a 10 day stay in Tehran, where I saw fasion like I would have never guessed in Iran. I have been in touch with quite a few Iranians, and have been aware of the fashion change there, but I was not expecting to find what I found there. The chador has apparently been reinvented…

    Since I am an advocate of women’s rights…and freedoms, I was glad to see what I saw. Women throughout Iranian history have proven that they have the bravery to achieve anything they want.
    I take my hat off to you guys…we here in America are behind you.

    khodet bash

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