Silly Olympic Events and Wisdom Teeth

Last bittie for the day: I went to the dentist today to see if my left bottom wisdom tooth needs to be pulled. He thinks it does, but wouldn’t pull it or even X-Ray it until my current tonsilitis infection is gone.

Tonsilitis? Yeah, I didn’t know I had it, either. So now I have some antibiotics. Three days worth, which nobody but me thinks is a bad idea. Wait till the superflus hit… then who’ll be laughing? Ah, damn, nobody will be.

Anyway, while I was waiting, I was laughing very hard. Why? Because I was watching the most bizarre, lame Olympic event ever. Some guy was on a horse, and the horse was doing this very stylized canter that just looked absolutely ridiculous. The horse seemed to be doing a very awkward, stupid dance to music, and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

And what’s with this beach volleyball event? I thought that was for beach bums to play for fun when they ought to be doing homework? Or, rather, I thought beach volleyball was just an event to draw men to watch sports TV channels. And before you remind me that beach volleyball is very difficult, well, so is playing the sax or solving differential equations or drawing good comic books, but that doesn’t make them Olympic events.

But I don’t much care, I was more amused than anything. And now it’s time to sleep: we have a 10:30am meeting at the office. Whey 10:30am is beyond me, but anyway, that’s when it is, and Lime and I just wished one another goodnight (she’s at the hospital observing labours and deliveries of babies all night long, which sounds hard but she seems to be enjoying it). So off I go, anyway…

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