Another Baby Cheer (continued)

Yes, more baby business. I meant to post some of this earlier but it was one of those days; lost sunglasses, messed up bike, trip to the bike shop, sleeping on a park bench for a few hours, and so on. Lime’s looking tired and I, for some strange reason, am sweating even more since the weather has cooled off. But I now have a long, long seat-post on my bike and I can cycle like the damned wind, with my legs getting full extension and not hurting when I go up hills.

And as you may have noticed, the world is full of babies now. My sister gave birth to my handsome little nephew Nathaniel just a few days ago, and a few days after that my friend Mer and Myoung had their little fellow Luca Suhan join the boat we’re all sharing, too.

And here are some pics (the one of Myoung being my own handiwork, and never seen before, the others being sent to me by Marie and Troy, the mommy and daddy of MY NEPHEW)! Okay, I’d better post these pics before the false sense of my own (nonexistent!) achievement takes over…

myoung jae and luca

Click on the pic for a bigger view. This is the only pic that worked out of all the shots I tried in the room. I only got Myoung and Luca; the lights were low (and I didn’t want to shock Luca with a flash) so I had given up on taking pictures by the time Luca was in Mer’s arms. Anyway. I’m sure I’ll be able to shoot better pics later. Anyway.

And below, some pics of my wonderful nephew Nathaniel, who I hope to visit (along with the rest of our shared family) next year:


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