Another Baby Cheer!

Myoung called me just now, this morning, to inform me that Mer had given birth to a healthy baby boy last night, whose name is Luca (or is it Luka? I’m not sure). When I heard the name, I said what people of my generation will probably ask a lot, “You mean like the song, ‘My Name Is Luca’?” Which is a stupid thing to say, but anyway, that’s what I said.

They’re at the hospital and were having breakfast when Myoung called. Mer and the baby are both fine and Myoung sounded quite happy. Well, I am glad that I finished making my present to the little fellow the other day, then! I think Luca’s a lucky little boy to have those two as his parents.

Anyway, I gotta get my breakfast into me and get me to campus.

2 thoughts on “Another Baby Cheer!

  1. Hi Gord,
    I’ve only just had the chance to read what you wrote in our lovely book. Thanks so much! I’m sure it will give Luca some insight into his old fogie parents! Now to track down others to add their piece…
    big bizzes from tired Mer.

    ps How do you like my Korean punctuation above?

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