Something I learned yesterday…

I’m not just grouchy when I am woken from sleep; I’m also pretty grouchy when roused from the far edge of almost-falling asleep. I’ve never noticed that before. Gotta watch that.

2 thoughts on “Something I learned yesterday…

  1. “Roused from the far edge of almost-falling asleep” is a bitch. I go almost homicidal when that happens. “Knowing I could fall asleep if only the damn dog would stop noisily licking herself” is also pretty bad.

    Hey, I just finally watched My Wife is a Gangster. Cool movie. Fucked up, but cool. I liked the ending.

  2. It was a cool movie, weird, and strange, and cool. I liked it a lot.

    Hey, there’s a sequel, but I don’t think I got it for you, did I? I liked the sequel a lot, tho the first movie was (as they always say) the best. But the second is well worth watching, if it’s at all available there. I’d say I would get a copy for you here but the piracy market has dried up… but if you’re really interested, I could ask one of the local pirates to burn a copy, I suppose. Or I could see about downloading it or something.

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