Poor Kamikaze Pilots

Have you ever thought about whether there’s a difference between suicide bombers and kamikaze pilots? It seems that the comparisons are common enough, and I regarded them without a second thought. Both are people willing to die in order to meet their military objectives. Sure, Japanese kamikazes were army pilots serving a state (of sorts… […]

좋은 추석 받으세요!

오늘은 추석이고 매사람에게 좋은 추석 받아고 말 하고 싶어요! 뿌린 대로 행복하게 거둬세요! 가족도 음식도 줄겨면 생활을 떠잘 평가할수있어서 추석에 깨우자! Sorry for the bad Korean writing. Happy Chuseok, everyone! I’m spending the day trying to get over my cold. Ungh. I hope all of your Chuseoks are better than mine…

Academic Dress Code?

Oh, the self-hate! Over at The Common Review you can sample this article, Why We Look So Bad, by Basically, she’s just an academic who thinks professors (to her credit, including herself) don’t dress well enough in general, and that they really aren’t keeping up with the rest of the professional world. Why they should […]