Digital Photo Contest!

Hey! JPG Magazine, a new publication which showcases the work of photographers who fall between the amateur and professional levels, is accepting photographic submissions for its premiere issue, themed “Origin.” Click the link for more info.

Bride And Prejudice

What’s the follow-up to Gurinder Chadha’s wonderful film Bend It Like Beckham? Oh yes: Jane Austen in a sari. I can’t wait to see Bride and Prejudice. In Bride and Prejudice, the Bennet family of sleepy Longbourn, Hertfordshire, become the Bakshis of Amritsar, a city equally far removed from Indian high culture and society. Elizabeth […]

Oh No?

The Iraq war’s not about oil? Yeah, sure, say the authors of two books discussed here. Given the Administration’s ties and allegiances, I’d be surprised if anything they did wasn’t about oil.