A summary of today

  • Woke early enough to have a decent breakfast and get my mind in order before going to teach my first class.
  • Wrestled with a broken door before teaching second class. My office’s door is screwed, the hinge messed up. I’m hoping someone shows up sometime next week to fix it.
  • Went downtown to the dentist’s office to see about getting my wisdom tooth pulled. Got a filling instead, as well as some amalgam stuffed into the space around the offending decayed tooth… stuffed in so raggedly I keep havign to fight the urge to pick out all the loose, jagged amalgam that’s filling the space, as up until today that would have been food in there causing me to experience that weird sensation. And I set up an appointment to have the tooth pulled on the evening of the 15th of October. It’s gonna bloody well hurt. Waaah.
  • Went to two different banks trying to get money before I realized that, yes, once again, Woori Bank’s system is down and I can only get money from an Woori machine. Woori Bank Sucks. Woori Bank Sucks. But I can’t change accounts because my employer insists on paying me via Woori, and Woori won’t seem to give me what I need to internet banking.
  • Got some cash from Woori Bank (which SUCKS!)and cycled around, the freezing from the filling I got still in effect; I picked up a couple of books at the local English bookshop: both on Korea, one a history book and one full of interviews with foreigners living in Korea. I’ll review both later. The history book was for a special reason.
  • Found the blanket shop I’d previously visited, and bought myself a yo and ebol. (A padded floor-quilt and top-quilt for sleeping on the floor.) They are soft and nice. Nice. I paid a little too much (I think just a little), but they’re very nice. So I guess it’s not so bad.
  • Cycled home to get back before the guy delivered the bedding stuff… the fact that delivery was necessary we discovered after I tried to strap it onto the back of my bike and failed. Which shows how puffy and nice this stuff is. Nice. Unlike Woori Bank, which SUCKS.
  • Dipped into the history book a little, and started writing a new project, the first new writing project I’ve started in a long time. I’m very excited about it and hoping that this story shapes up well… could even be novel material, if I work it carefully and don’t rush things. A kind of expat-awakening-meets-ghost-story type thing, which is why I needed the history book..
  • Talked with my old friend John Wendel who is on the other coast of Korea now. For all who are curious, he has a phone now, and an internet connection, and is doing very well.
  • Sleepily text-messaged Lime back and forth. Wished her good luck on her big presentation tomorrow, except of course I wrote it all wrong and actually, in Korea, wished her good luck on her big “complaint” tomorrow. Er. Korean’s hard, especially when you’re too lazy to study.
  • Read a little of Perdido Street Station, but not enough. Off to read some more before I sleep.

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