Yes, Attendance Is Mandatory

Today, Cheolseong and I were laughing like madmen when a student of Mike’s came in and started to talk to him. Why? The first thing she said was something like, “Uh, it’s Chuseok.” Mike said, “Are you in my class?” When the girl claimed she was, he asked, “Then why have I never seen you before?” This got us laughing so hard we couldn’t stop for a minute. Why?

As of today, there have been nine classes. Any student who has not bothered to show up at class by now has, as of the end of today, automatically flunked their class by virtue of the fact that after missing eight course hours, you cannot pass a class. Of course, some professors don’t follow this rule, but it’s sensible and most of the teachers in our office sure do.

Anyway, we’re a month into the semester and this girl finally showed up at the office, to meet her professor. This is something that happens three or four times altogether every semester, but the absolute idiocy of someone who lets a month pass by before even bothering to contact the professor is always an entertaining thing. Sure, occasionally it’s likely some major family problem comes up and gets in the way… though even then, I think a call to the University is in order, and doable, sometime within the space of a month. But the last time it happened to me, last semester, the student claimed, “I didn’t know I had to come to class!” Every time, it’s a surprise. Everytime, it’s endlessly entertaining.

Actually, I don’t know how entertaining it is, but anyway, we laugh. We laugh hard, and we laugh together, while the professor informs the student that dropping the class is the only thing to do. Maybe laughing that way helps us keep a smile on at work.

Nah, to hell with it. People who make mistakes are just people making mistakes. But people who are ridiculously stupid, so much so that they don’t even grasp their own stupidity, are actually, honestly, downright funny.

One thought on “Yes, Attendance Is Mandatory

  1. I had a student come to class for the first time on day 2 of week 4. when I asked why she said She had just transfered – wrong – transfer period ended on Monday of week 2. When I told her she had failed already due to absences she got upset. Anyhow I haven’t seen her again.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

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