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I didn’t want to use my own resume as an example when I taught resume-writing in my writing class, so I modified it and used a made-up character, Isaac Wolgren. What’s included in this file are two examples of a resume: one is experience-based, and one is skills-based. I’m assuming most of my students have no work experience and will have to use the latter form.

And yeah, a dragon-slayer’s resume is a silly idea, but it was the first thing that popped into my sickly mind. I’ve had dragonslayers on the mind lately, so what can I do? When you’re as short of time as I am, and when nobody’s accounting for the extra time that is used making materials for a writing class, then you see, you run with your first idea.

2 thoughts on “Resume Examples

  1. You forgot to include what level of dragonslayer he is? is he a paladin, a ranger, or strait fighter? what about magic items? I can’t seriously consider this guy for the job without more info…

  2. Yeah, well, I think “vorpal sword” would have far too many students fumbling with the dictionary, so I left out things of that sort. :)

    Besides, I far prefer White Wolf games. Heh. No class, just clan-type groups and abilities and skills and so on.

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