Well, I’m slowly feeling a little better now. Ungh. I seem, however, to be going off to sleep quite early, sweating heavily in sleep (even though I am taking Tylenol, as per doctor’s prescription, to control my fevers, and regardless of whether the heat is on or off in my home), and still feeling sick after a good night’s sleep. But I suppose getting well takes time.

Anyway, I’ve now off-and-on (mainly on) been sick for maybe seven weeks, and I am fed up with it. So I’m going to go to the hospital and ask that someone please figure out what’s wrong with me, so that I don’t need to stay like this much longer.

2 thoughts on “Ugh.

  1. You’ve been in Korea too long. You’re acting like a Korean: one of my students at EC is a businessman who’s been suffering acute stomach pains for a week, and until a few days ago, he’d refused to see a doctor. The pain finally convinced him to go.

    His case isn’t unique: one of our hagwon receptionists twisted her ankle on her way to the office this morning. Her solution? Tough it out, work the entire day. I’m surrounded by badasses.

    Get well soon,


  2. Hahaha, actually, I’ve been to something like six or seven doctors and the last one… er, wait, no, I’m posting about this. But yeah, I have been seeing doctors.

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