Mainly of interest to the sane

The following links are of interest only to the sane and semi-sane.

Marmot’s got a couple of good links on, one about the newest trend in Korean plastic surgery and other assery; and another on the Taiwanese government’s idea of intelligent discourse… via food-fight. John, if you’re reading this, well, I am feeling even more strongly what I said about democracy last night: there has got to be a better system than this. Build the computers that are smarter than us. Engineer the supermen who can sort us out. Something, something… please.

Finally, I’ve posted a comment after this very interesting post about suicide rates and correlations noted among other nations whose citizens use languages of the “Ural-Altaic Language (Super-)Family.” I’m dubious but it’s an interesting bit of trivia… and anyway, I comment at some length.

Well, in the meanwhile, it never hurts to keep up with what’s on in your neck of the woods. And in my neck of the woods, it’s Simon World… which I have been remiss in linking to, since the damn domain is, for some reason, blocked at my workplace, where I seem to read and post more now than ever before. Gaaa. Anyway, go check it out.

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