The Librarian

This, I promise, is not another vent about someone at work. In fact, it’s a good experience.

I went to the library the other day and returned some overdue library books and CDs. When I gave the CDs to the Audio-Visual Center librarian, she looked them over carefully. I guess she remembered that a white guy had borrowed them, and was wondering whether I liked them, since they were all Korean traditional music CDs.

I told her I did enjoy them, and as a rule tend to enjoy music from all over the world. She checked the CDs in and told me I could borrow some more if I wanted.

When I returned with 4 more CDs in hand, she picked up a tape from her desk, and asked me if I wanted to borrow it. I pointed out that it didn’t have a barcode, and she smiled and told me she’d bought it at the second Jeonju Sound (Music) Festival. She would personally loan it to me if I was curious. I wasn’t sure how curious I was, given that I don’t have a cassette player at home, but I didn’t want to reject her kindness, so I borrowed it just the same. I’ll give it a listen at the office and bring it back, as I promised, when she loaned me the CDs. Who knows, maybe Polynesian traditional music will have something I’ve been looking for?

Hmmm. And anyway, it was really nice of her.

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