Personal Update

Had a relaxed evening with Lime; dinner and then we watched Hellboy at a DVD room. Now, she was resistant to the idea of watching the movie, but pleasantly surprised at how much she enjoyed it. I’ve never seen her make so many puns in one evening. While we were watching the movie, it struck me again how much Lovecraft has influenced horror, the comic book world, movies, and just the modern sense of evil, scary stuff. I’ve got a book of Lovecraft waiting for me to get to it, and now I feel slightly more into opening it up next on my list.

Discovered I’d accidentally put some kind of access-blocker to my website up, and nobody could access it. Ooops. Sorry to anyone whose access was temporarily blocked.

My ghost story’s progress is going well. I’m in the late 60s in terms of pages, with my ghost and his intrepid teacher sitting in a train station waiting for some people to latch onto and “ride” so that they can stowaway on the train; I have many ideas for things that can follow. I have a feeling this will be either a long novella or a short novel. Maybe after this is finished, I can return to the novel I was writing before; with Bush in again, some of the things in there might be even more relevant than I imagined when I drafted it last winter, imagining that could never, ever actually happen.

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