With my story sitting waiting for more, more, more (it’s like a plant whispering, “Feed me, Harvey!” from the depths of my hard drive), reams of wonderful photos to post to my photoblog, clothes to fold and put away, comments on my blog waiting for responses, and my head groggy from a short but much-needed nap, I sat down with my evening’s dinner—an immense bowl of salad, and that is all—and set about catching up on all the wonderful articles I’ve missed over at Arts & Letters Daily. I feel the same urge to catch up on missed posts on my RSS feeds, but… well, maybe after my story is finished. But Arts&Letters, well, that’s just different.

Here’s a roundup of interesting things:

Even if my salad ritual helps me achieve my goal of being less “round”, I take comfort in knowing I’ll be more well-rounded than ever if I keep up with Arts & Letters Daily from now on.

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