After a brief outburst of worry at discovering that one of the previously involved departments—the one holding most of the prepared materials we used in summer camp—was refusing to pass on the materials because they were not being allowed to participate in the next camp… it was discovered that most of the needed materials were already included in the compiled “textbooks” teachers had been given (but had rarely consulted).

So it looked as if we’d be horribly busy planning a whole new camp from the ground up. But it turned out that we don’t need to do this, and probably one meeting on a Tuesday evening will suffice. What a relief.

However, the lesson I’m taking away from this is that I should become as much of a packrat as possible when it comes to teaching materials. I should have a cabinet full of stuff to use, to take away with me when I leave. I should be able to pull stuff out in an emergency. I remember Kimberley had been like that back when we both worked at Wonkwang, and it had done wonders for her handling of emergency situations.

Shoulda photocopied everything. Ah well.

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