Shawn recently informed me in no uncertain terms that it was bloody time I put up a new poll. I suggested, very seriously, that he should write one if he wanted a new poll up.

So he did! It’s now up, in the right sidebar. Check it out, vote, but please only vote once. I promise I won’t edit out results I don’t like. But nor do I take responsibility for its content. I wouldn’t have put some of those answers in there, but I’m publishing it because I said I would. However, any Palestinian suicide bombers in Korea might consider visiting Shawn’s house instead of mine if they really feel the need for vengeance. It’s only a few doors down.

I’ll now briefly recapitulate the results of the previous poll (see full results here). For the question, “What’s the worst of the following Bad Things that could happen to you?”, the most popular responses were the following:

  • To find yourself married to someone in the Bush Administration, who is actually proud of his/her job. (35% of respondents)
  • To end up caught up in that awful cycle that the guy in the documentary Super Size Me experimented with. (15%)
  • To discover the afterlife’s only punishment is being forced to live a battery chicken’s life a thousand times for each chicken you ate in life.(15%)
  • To wake up in the morning to discover yourself metamorphosed into the shape of… Jay Leno.(15%)

Right, now if you’re ready, go and check the new poll out. And vote!

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