Scattered Flurries

No, it’s not yet snowing in Jeonju. It’s just that we had a camp meeting last night and Myoung and I are preparing the documents for the camp. That means a lot of paperwork and preparations.

I’m trying to make the worksheets for the kids look a little more interesting, as well as easier-to-read, so it’s a bit of work. But I have it mostly finished now, though having printed them and seen how they look, they need a little more work. Layout onscreen always differs from layout on a printed product.

But the hardest thing, I’m discovering, is explaining the rules of a game for kids. Explaining simply, yet explaining the important parts of a game, is difficult. I’ll need to have another go at the Trading Game rules, maybe tomorrow. I’m thinking two pages on a longer sheet (like what we call 8&1/2″x11″ paper back home) would work better than a single rulesheet on A4.

Anyway, that’s why I’m not posting much anywhere for the next few days.

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