The Media Market To Come

Back when I was a gamer, I used to pine for out-of-print resources which I couldn’t buy, even used, because they were so rare. In those days, the best thing anyone could do was to hit as many used RPG-bookshops as one could, and hope, and be patient. But now, of course, at an online […]

My Own Private… Well, Not Idaho

Adam asks, Because we never get tired of Time Travel questions, I’m wondering – assuming you know you’re going back in time for an indefinite period (possibly life), and can haul with you a couple hundred pounds of supplies, what period (pre-19th Century, just to make it interesting) would you go to if you hoped […]

Ritu’s poem

Ritu posts a good poem (by someone else, not her own) titled Say More, Speak Like Rain. Worth a link, really.

Why Blame the USA?

One of my onetime regular readers posted a link to an article about “The Role of U.S. Criminal Negligence on a Global Scale”. Look at this silliness: At least 55,000 people were killed by the tsunami that devastated coastlines from Indonesia to Somalia. Almost a third of the dead are children. Thousands are still missing […]

New Poll Time

New poll up. Slightly influenced by my visit to John Wendel’s house where I saw the original movie Jaws for the first time. Old poll, by Shawn, is finished. The slight majority of respondents (19, more than usual!) believed that Yasser Arafat is now “… in a box, finishing the rotting that started at birth.” […]