I sometimes really hate provincialism in computer programmers.

I finished calculating all of my students’ grades this evening, and decided to enter them into the University system using my home computer, which of course has an English OS installed.

What do you know, but once I finally managed to get into the system, it’s running a script that won’t load on my OS. Why this is, I don’t know, but the way the thing is coded, it will only run on Korean-only machines. I mean, I have Korean installed on this computer, and all, it’s just that the default language display is Korean, and the system is so inflexible that it doesn’t work with anything else. And of course, a secondary English-only system would be too much to ask for.

So now I have to wait till I get to school tomorrow to enter the grades. I was planning on a quick in-and-out, simply getting the papers handed in and sorting a few things from my desk, but it looks like it will be more complicated than that, including at least a half hour of sitting at the office PC, entering information into the system.

Which sucks, since I will be going to Seoul tomorrow afternoon. I’m to meet the woman with the bari sax sometime in the afternoon and try the thing out. We’ll see what happens, I guess; I have my fingers crossed but I want to be careful to only buy the horn if I think it’s genuinely a good one. Since it’s been a few years since I’ve played bari, I shall have to try it out carefully. It’d be nice if I had a tuner to take along, but since I don’t, I just hope there is one at the practice room where the instrument is stored. Actually, I think before agreeing to anything, I’ll ask her to agree to take the horn to Chun Il Music and have the repairman have a look at it, too. Which is cautious, but you know, one can’t be too cautious about such things.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have time to get all the stuff done and get up to Seoul by 2pm or so, but it’s just stressful knowing it’s a mere programming issue that kept me from truly finishing all my work this evening.

Ah well, off to watch a little (downloaded, quality) TV and pack for my trip before I sleep.

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