Philosophy, Such As Perhaps It Is…

I’ve posted a new bit of philosophical writing over at the New Sophists’s Almanac. It’s a refutation of a Catholic argument against abortion, which is funny because I myself am not all that crazy about it… but I do question the way which people choose to fight abortion. If you’re curious, go have a look…

2 thoughts on “Philosophy, Such As Perhaps It Is…

  1. There seems to be a bug in the comments on your other blog. I got some “us com” error. Here are the comments I wanted to leave there:


    “[H]uman rights are a human cultural construct that have no objective universal origin”?

    “[M]orals are social constructs of purely human origin”?

    O tempora, o mores!

    N.B. The accusation of side-stepping posed in my previous comment remains unchallenged.

    Is it okay to end a life you that might be a person?

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