Let’s see…

You know that point when you’re so busy that additional stress just doesn’t even register? You’re stressed out, sure, but you don’t notice because you have no time to actually think that stress over, basically?

That’s how I am now. It’s not so much like I feel stressed, and now even more stressed out… it’s more like, well, this isn’t something I can deal with now, so I’ll leave it aside till next week; and oh, less free time this weekend, after having worked all week at camp? Well, okay, I’ll cuss about it for a couple of minutes since the idea offends me, but I will also show up because if I don’t I may get a crappy schedule.

Well, I might get one anyway.

But I’m thinking I’m about halfway up on the totem pole here, so my schedule won’t be quite as crappy as the new people, so that’s a relief. I am no longer first or second in line for a Friday night class; as of this semester I’m closer to eighth, ninth, or tenth in line, depending on reckoning.

I worked homework duty tonight, which meant that I went after dinner for an hour and a half in a computer lab. This, of course, caused me to forget that I had to hand in my exam and a copy of the play I’m having the kids memorize this weekend, so I ended up going over the the teaching hall and printing/copying up enough copies of everything to be all set on Saturday.

After that, I came back to the dorm, made a short trip to 7-11 for a couple of snacks, and ran into some teachers whom I chatted with about all kinds of new stuff for the next semester: the story with all the contracts, the fact that we need to meet on Saturday to do up schedules because—despite the fact that almost everyone on staff is either working a camp or out of the country—the office is insisting on a deadline of sometime next week for the completed schedules to be handed in, and nobody feels that anyone in the department office will be able to make an acceptable set of schedules for us; the basic idea of the new courses that are being dumped in our laps; the prospects for office peace (they’re putting in 20 desks where there are currently 10 of us, and I think the chances of peace are quite slim); and observations regarding the new staff.

All in all, it was an informative night, and now I think I shall watch the final episode of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace before I turn in for the night. Ah, must remember to plug in my MP3 player to recharge, as well. Ah, must remember Teachers have warm seating up at the front of the bus. Must not forget… gaaaaa. Tomorrow we’re headed to Muju Mountain, where we are supposed to be outdoors all day long.

Yes, it is winter. At least the tescher with pneumonia is being kept back.

2 thoughts on “Let’s see…

  1. Gord,

    You’re stressing too much. Try some breathing exercises. Meditate (more in the Buddhist rather than new age style). Ring Lime and just go for a walk. Do something. I know what it is to get like this and it’s never a good thing. You’ll survive, of that I’ve no doubt. But you’re capable of so much more. Sorry, the way I stress over the office, I’m no one to offer advice. Just don’t want to see you get yourself all in a muddle. Remember: breathe.


  2. Hahaha, actually I’m not stressed out, just have a lot to remember and I guess I’m thinking aloud (er, online). I get like that when I’m tired. But I’m not anxious or worried, more just calmly makng my way through it all.

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