Strange News In An Email From Jim

I got an email from an old friend who’s living in Britain (in Camberwell, actually) and among his ramblings about the past year, I stumbled onto an unexpected surprise. He’d recently visited my ex-wife (with whom he has maintained his friendship of yore) and she’s not only remarried, but also currently expecting her first child. It’s so weird to hear such news. My reaction was really quite inert, it basically consisted of, “Huh? Really?” followed by a burst of relief that I’m in no way involved.

But it just goes to show you, everyone I know (or have known) seems to be having babies these days.

2 thoughts on “Strange News In An Email From Jim

  1. My ex-girlfriend had a baby before we dated – I thought about marrying her and him being mine… Now she occasionally sends me pictures (in those 1000 picture galleries of people who refuse to organize pictures or delete anything) with him making the “I’m-an-absolute-spoiled-brat” faces. I understand your burst of relief.
    Disclaimer: Still love the girl as a person and the baby – but OH MY GOD~!! I think she doesn’t know the word discipline…

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