Like and Unlike The Yangban

Well, just like Flying Yangban, I can’t load my page from home.

Unlike the Yangban, I haven’t exceeded my server load. Whoops, wait, he’s back up now. Whew. That’s good.

But I still wonder why my own page won’t load at my house. So, anyway, everyone, if you email me and I don’t respond quickly, don’t be surprised… I check my mail from my web page’s server, too.

Yes, I am posting this from a PC-Bang, because I was waiting for an important email (which hasn’t come, but ah well, at least my site is still online and the email will get through sometime, eventually).

And now, off I go on a walk that should help me solidify what’s going to happen that ties up some (but not all) of the threads running in those novel, so I can come home and finish the first draft. I’m almost almost done—thank goodness, as my current draft is now at 250-some pages!

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