Korean War Quicktime Map

I’m doing a little more research for my ghost story, and quickly coming to the conclusion there’s almost no good place to set the story… I can’t seem to find information on any particular locale where UN Troops wouldn’t have been stationed or died. I think I’ll just have to go with some kind of explanation that, “There were some who died here, they just didn’t survive as ghosts in this particular town.”

Anyway, during my researches I came across this animated Quicktime map that shows different front lines and areas of occupation during 27 different stages of the Korean war. It’s pretty helpful and vivid… I knew the lines had been very volatile and fluid, but seeing it visually just made me a little more able to imagine the direness of the situation in the minds of the UN/Southern commanders.

I now have a couple of more ideas about what I need to stick in my ghost’s hometown, and where it needs to be.

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