BbongJjak and Dancing on Buses

The old (and illegal) practice of playing Korean oompah music (known as bbongjjak) and dancing on buses is the subject of a recent funny post by Japundit. Bus dancing is something I’ve never personally experienced… it’s mostly on tour buses, or as one of my friends calls them, “ajumma [middle-aged women] buses”. Apparently it still goes on, banned or not, and apparently it can be quite dangerous, though usually it’s just old retirees blowing off some steam for the first time in a long life of hard work. I did once party with some old folks like this on a boat, and it was fine except they were all, all of them, drunk out of their skulls on soju and determined to make me dance like a Korean, whatever that actually means.

As for me, I am the only person I know who gets any enjoyment at all out of the techno-bbongjjak superstar E Pak Sa (looklisten by hitting the little orange button at the top of the screen), who I’m told is big in Japan. (I’m not referring to Tom Waits, but whatever.)

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