Some publishing hoaxes…

Some publishing hoaxes, like the Sokal Hoax (see Sokal’s own archive), are somewhat sel;f-righteous in trying to tar a whole group of disciplines by finding the weakest link in the chain and exploiting it, instead of joining with the people in the field who are doing good, worthwhile work and boosting their efforts. (Sort of like using those crackpots who believe in cold fusion to damage the credibility of all scientists.) What’s more, it’s not just humanities academics who are to blame for this state of affairs.

But courtesy of Metafilter, check out this hilarious scifi hoax, Atlanta Nights. Great stuff, and aimed at lampooning a particular (and very bad) publisher in the States. Some of the excerpts I’ve seen from this text are so bad I think I want a copy.

One thought on “Some publishing hoaxes…

  1. Yup, this was a biggie, and the subject of a massive debate over on Culture since one of the members has a book coming out through Publish America. Personally I was glad to see it done. PA wouldn’t be a terrible thing if they were honest about what they offer, but they lie and get a lot of people’s hopes up and they’re frankly awful to anyone who complains. High time they got stung.

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