Everyone, Together Now

Courtesy of Tedious and Brief, here’s a real beauty. A religious fanatic in the Kansas government is charging a Kansas abortionist with not only operating on patients in a filthy clinic (which, you know, might be possible), but also with eating fetal tissue.

Eating babies. Just when did they observe this? Did the abortionist in question hold up his sandwich and point at the meat, saying, “Look at this delicious baby! I find it does wonders for my skin!” I mean, really, on what basis is that charge made?

Oh, wait, there’s a bill stalled now, that pushes for strict inspection of abortion clinics. The pro-choicers are against it. I get it! If you have a bunch of pro-lifers in the positions of inspectors, you don’t need to outlaw abortion: you only need to claim every clinic offering the procedure is substandard quality, not clean, or peopled with cannibals.

Okay, everyone, with me now, all together: let’s shake our heads.

2 thoughts on “Everyone, Together Now

  1. Actually, most of the inspectors would be liberals and supportive of abortion. Government rarely hires conservatives except by vote. Besides most conservatives have real jobs and do not need to suck on the teet of the peoples tax money. Those that choose to are usually doing so out of a patriotic nationalism somewhat lacking on the left. All together now, lets just shake our heads.


  2. Ray,

    To point out that most Liberals I know can spell teat would not aid my argument, but I will note this: when you equate working for one’s government as an inspector with sucking on the government “teat” of tax money, I think you’re engaging in a kind of rhetoric; standards is not only a crucial service, but also a “real job”, without which you would face, in America, situations of much more gross violations of legal standards in all kinds of fields. I’ll cite one example from my own experience here, in the “garbage dumpling” scandal that Korea experienced last year. How’d you like to discover that you’d been eating dumplings made with rotten old food washed in sewage? Poor standards inspection results in much worse that that, believe me.

    And I’ll give you one guess at the political alignment of the businessmen involved in the majority of such scandals.

    Everybody, together now.

    Wait, wait, I forgot to point out, Ray, you missed the point—you were probably too busy shining your deadly weapon to reflect on it—but, it’s worth considering that my main point was, a conservative politician pulled a stunt like this in order to get a bill passed that requires much more strict regulations and inspections of abortion clinic. Would you like to construe this as him throwing a little more pork at the leftist teat-suckers? Surely that can’t be his strategy! I mean, adding to the bureacratic load? Making government bigger? That’s not a good old Right-Wing value!

    Ah, but if it secures stricter controls on abortion clinics, opening more avenues for their closure or the interruption of their operation, I guess he could overlook it.

    Now we really have something to shake our heads over.

    And I’ll note, further, that I like neither the right nor the left in America. First of all, it’s all right of center in the thinking of most other countries, and second of all, the whole right-left dichotomy rather than empowering people in politics, has served as a great popular distraction FROM the true business of the polity, which is to think about, discuss, debate, and engage with issues that are relevant to the polity and especially to their own lives.

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