Oblique Strategies

As a birthday gift, the inimitable 강미 posted a link to this Oblique Strategies page. It’s all about Oblque Strategies, a kind of semi-random cardset that gives advice to people working on creative projects, meant to be used when one feels “stuck” or at some kind fo creative impasse. Thanks, Kangmi!

Of course, the cardsets themselves are pricey, because they weren’t widely released and they now seem only to be available on ebay, at insane prices… but there are links on the page to an electronic version or two.

The problem is, the scripts for the electronic versions don’t seem to work, at least not on my home PC. I have everything I need installed, but the c.gi pages just load as text. I’ve no idea why, but in any case, I have taken it upon myself to integrate an Oblique Strategies cardset into my website. I’t not up yet, but I have collated the contents. I think it’s a worthwhile way of learning how to make a page that serves up random content every time it loads, something I’d like to have happen with my banner on all pages, in fact—currently, it’s a stable image that changes with each rebuild of the page, so it only changes when something new—including a comment or trackback—is posted. I know many people already can do this: 강미 does it on her site to serve up hanja and Korean vocabulary, and I’ve seen it in countless other places, so I know it’s possible, and suspect it’s even possible within Movable Type. We’ll see, though.

Anyway, I now have some learning to do so I can code this thing. When I finish it, I’ll mention it here. For now, I’ve collated the contents of the four cardsets and have a template file containing all the contents.

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