Starcraft Cartoon

As many of you know by now, there’s a segment of the Korean population that is, or at one time was, crazy about the computer game Starcraft. So crazy about it, in fact, that you see all kinds of kitschy stuff floating around online centered on it. First, I posted a a Starcraft story sung/told in the venerable Korean pansori tradition.

This time, it’s a Starcraft cartoon that you can view over at ConnectKorea. I have no idea what most of the song is about, beyond the experience of this poor little alien whose fighting ability is almost nil, but even so, it’s pretty amusing. I also find it interesting that the Terran soldiers are speaking English, while the poor (sympathetic-character!) Zerg aliens speak in Korean. I’m not offended by that, of course, I just think it’s an interesting moment, for a number of reasons.

I’d love if someone could comment confirming the gist of the song, which I suspect is just the story of the sufferings of a poor little Zerg who, with his friends, is trapped behind enemy lines and frightenedly just wants to get home… which, he does, though only he survives the trip. The poor little thing. Heh.

Ah, and just to show that I know it’s not only Koreans who take Starcraft waaaay too seriously, I’ll link to the English-language Star Alliance, a wiki dedicated to games by Blizzard Entertainment, which includes Starcraft. If you ask me, I prefer the Korean Starcraft kitsch.

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