In Case You Missed It

In case you missed the nifty Google logo for today, it’s World Water Day! Yes, a reminder of the importance of water conservation and sustainable usage, etc. etc.

I remember recently mentioning having read about the possibility of wars over water in the future, somewhere online, and some flapjack American Bushita laughing at me. Think it’s crazy? Something so nuts it sounds like it’s out of a Frank Herbert novel?

Think again. And again. In Africa and the Middle East (you know, the Middle East), the risk of water wars is rising. Respected author Vandana Shiva has written about it, and from what I’ve read of her writing, it’s likely to be quite to the point.

For those interested, here’s a fascinating chronology of “Water Conflicts”, which include conflicts where water was used as a weapon or tool, as well as conflicts over water.

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