Actually Playing a Game Now

Usually, I want nothing to do with the games that some of the guys at the office are always talking about—computerized wargames bore me most of the time. But for once, I’ve given in and now I’m running a country in the massive online game called Jennifer Government: Nation States. It’s based on a novel (titled Jennifer Government) which I’m very likely to order soon (using a domestic service since I have no credit card), about a corporation-dominated world.

Dyscraxia is the name of my state, and I find the exercise interesting. You simply answer a question about the operation of your country’s government and over time the results shape the economy, political freedoms, and civil rights ratings of your country. (Mine are currently rated as Reasonable, Average, and Very Good respectively.)

Actually, just got have a look at my nation, if you like. And if you do join up, let me know the name of your state so I can add it to my dossier!

2 thoughts on “Actually Playing a Game Now

  1. I am the Peoples’ Republic of Baltic Avenue.

    “Holding this planet until the Monkey Overlords arrive.”

    UN category: Democratic Socialists
    Civil Rights: Very Good
    Economy: Developing
    Political Freedoms: Excellent

  2. Cool. I played that right about the time the book came out. I can’t remember what I called my country, but the flag had a sheep on it.

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