Fighting The Influence

If you find this even remotely amusing…

My name is Karl, and this is my blog. I have been fighting off the Psychic Invaders since early adolescence, and to do this I have had to mobilize my mind. My brain is criss-crossed with trenches of defence, and my soldiers are exhausted. Their numbers are running low. Many times, I have tried to get people to listen to my story, only to be rebuffed and called hurtful, hurtful names. For a long time, I have resolved myself to the fact that I am fighting this war alone. Sometimes, it seems like the world doesn’t care about my struggle. Other times, it seems as though every person who passes by me is a soldier of the Dalai Lama, a Tibetan Puppet-Thing in human form. Where does persecution end and enemy disinformation begin? I don’t know. The question may, in fact, be academic. An unwitting accomplice of the enemy is still just an enemy.

… you’ll be happy to know there’s a blog full of this guy’s story, here. It’s a blog worthy (or almost worthy) of a blogly Philip K. Dick Award.

3 thoughts on “Fighting The Influence

  1. It is amusing, but as I smiled it struck me that the guy, like Dick, may actually be insane. And insanity is anything but amusing.

    (All I’ve read is the excerpt you posted; maybe reading more would make it clear whether the guy’s nuts, or just a talented writer.)

  2. It’s quite possible, but from the parts of the website I have read, it seems to be that (a) it’s a sideline blog written by the author of the only link in the blogroll in the sidebar (though it’s just a guess!), and more reliably (b) it’s considerably more coherent than most real nuts manage to pull off, especially without an editor. I’ve met people who really have strange, schitzoid ideas like those he writes about, but they’re not anywhere near as clear or intelligible when expressing them.

    But, yeah, he does the illusion so well that there is, of course, room for doubt.

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