Brother in Japan

Not my brother. I don’t have a brother. I mean a brother in Japan.

Want a good laugh? Go have a look at Outpost Nine :: Editorials :: I am a Japanese School Teacher. It’s a series of editorials by a huge American black guy living in Japan and teaching little kids.

And yes, I mention that he’s huge and black for a reason: it becomes immediately apparent in the way the kids treat him that this does impact on his story. I think some of the comedy in the stories he tells is derived from the image of little Japanese kids interacting with this really big guy. He’s 6’3″! And you know how Asia is some people in Asia can be about race.

His writing’s outright hilarious in places, and funny throughout. And it’s reminded me of something I sometimes forget: Korea’s not the most alien place on Earth, after all. Japan deserves that title.

Go give the brother some of your attention. You’ll be well-rewarded.

(link courtesy of Kat, though it came via email and not from her page itself)

2 thoughts on “Brother in Japan

  1. Doesn’t sound at all like the stories of Japan my grandmother used to tell….

    Pretty good reading. Very readable. Amusing, for the most part.

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