Happy Nappy

Some friends were researching possible names for a diaper club/service name, and they googled Happy Nappy.

Now, if you know British English, you know that nappy means “diaper” in NorAmSpeak.

Happy Nappy sounded innocent and cute enough, they thought, and I would tend to agree. A terrible rhyme but fine as a business name.

Some fetishists seem to have thought so too. (Safe for work, but not for your mind.) Yes, somewhere in Kent, Southeast England, there is a nursery where you, an adult, can go and be dressed up like a baby, in a real diaper that you can really crap in with all the glee you might feel doing so; you can play like a child, be changed and cared for.

They told me about this over lunch, and I didn’t quite believe it, but there’s the link. No exaggeration.

Fetishes. My theory is that people who ought to have played RPGs or joined rock bands in middle school, but didn’t, develop weird sexual fetishes. Maybe a lot of AD&D geeks out there actually have secret CosPlay fetishes or something, but I suspect not. They’re too busy with their rather mundane, vaguely useful geeky obsessions like coding perl or building worlds for their next RPG campaign or researching the history of computation or studying naked mole rats. Very few of them are, I imagine, spending much time on bouncing in a baby bouncer on the weekend. (Warning, that last link is vaguely but definitely disturbing as well as sadly amusing. Nothing overtly sexual, but… shudder.)

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