For your Geekiest Korean Friends…

For all you guys out there who are into RPG gaming and would like to get a few of your geekiest Korean friends, students, and others into the hobby, here’s a link to GURPS Lite in Korean, sent to me by my friend Adam.

Out here in Jeonju, most people think RPG means some kind of online computer game. I’d love for that misperception to change. Maybe sometime I’ll actually run an RPG game for Korean players, if I can find a few interested people. But I’m a bit busy for it right now.

Anyway, the Korean version of Gurps Lite is a PDF, which makes it easy to pass on. Get onto it, everyone!

One thought on “For your Geekiest Korean Friends…

  1. I’m more of an adept of online RPG’s. Actually I’ve been playing a Korean developed game called Kal Online. But, of course, I play on the English server. (they could use a help with the English translation…)

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