From La Vieille Europe (which may be spelled wrong), a shop on St-Laurent in Montreal, I brought back to Lime some chocolates of the most unusual sort. chocolate bars!They are made with really good-quality chocolate, but also with something unusual, whether spicy of just flavourful, ground up and mixed in.

The company that makes them is a Belgian one called Dolfin and let me tell you, they spared no imagination when coming up with these flavours to mix in with their chocolate: Pink Pepper, Hot Masala, Early Grey, Aniseed, and Fresh Ginger are just a few of the flavours.

The only reason I know about these chocolates are because Jean-Louis and Christine, two of my friends now living in Quebedc City, told me about them. I tried to bring them to Korea last year, too, but I was foolish enough to leave them in my bag, and Marvin’s dog Bailey enjoyed them all. But this year I succeeded, only to find that Lime really isn’t all that crazy about chocolates. Well, anyway, she took home the Early Grey-flavoured one, but told me to finish the Hot Masala flavour on my own.

Which I did.

4 thoughts on “Deliciousnesses

  1. Or you can send them to me….I first ate these many years ago when a friend brought some back from Belgium, and everytime I went to belgium I had to buy them. Sigh! I’m gonna have to move back to Europe….just because of the chocs.Brazilian chocalate is really shit. All cacau and sugar.

  2. Hahaha, actually, I’m just sharing them with my girlfriend very, very slowly. Frozen, they should be alright for a while. But if I ever pass through Montreal, perhaps I’ll think of you. :)

  3. Always glad to be of service. I usually prefer dark chocolat, but Hot Masala is just too good.

    I’ll have to grab a abr when I get out of the office…

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