Piles Of Free Music (Featuring Me)

Okay, for those of you interested, there’s a big old pile of snippets from my most recent musical history added to this site. In the sidebar, you can see the link under Pages that says, “Tunes (with me in ’em)”; if you click on it (or on this link), you’ll be taken to a page with one full out-of-print Dabang album, snippets from the still-in-print one, and a remixed recording of a live concert I did at a rave with a live ambient group back in 1998. If you plan on listening repeatedly, please download instead of streaming it, because I only have limited bandwidth available for file output and if you download too much my site will choke and pass out. Alright?

By the way, I may have to reduce my musical holdings soon, because I’m precariously close to the limit of my drive space. So this stuff may be up only for a limited time! (Or I may make the jump to Bittorrent soon, or something.)

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