Because the World Needs More Cheese…

… I’ve uploaded the uncut, massive single MP3 version (please right click and save the file, as it’s huge!) of the second-to-last musical performance I ever made in Saskatoon, back in 1998. My friend Mike invited me, my ex (the vocalist on the track), and two DJs I knew from high school (Phil Greer and […]

Listen to My Compositions (If You Dare)

I’ve added some more recordings to the archive of all music I’ve participated in. The recordings that just became available to me are all from the period of 1995-96, which was my most prolific year of composing music during undergraduate music studies. There are five pieces: a bass clarinet duet, a piece for solo piano, […]

eclexys » Tunes (with me in ‘em)

Seeing that Dabang Band CDs seem to be all sold out, and seeing that as far as I know, we have no outstanding legal responsibilities to Cavare (the label for the Product CD, who’s never disclosed how many CDs sold or how much money was made, or any other contractual stuff since the contracts were […]

Piles Of Free Music (Featuring Me)

Okay, for those of you interested, there’s a big old pile of snippets from my most recent musical history added to this site. In the sidebar, you can see the link under Pages that says, “Tunes (with me in ’em)”; if you click on it (or on this link), you’ll be taken to a page […]

Yeah, you heard me. Free.

Want some free, legal MP3s? Live shows by all kinds of bands who don’t object to bootlegs? Look no further than here. Via a review at from way back when…