Lime’s New Blog, Open Source, and OS Thoughts

Well, there’s a tiny bit of content there, so I guess it’s safe to link. Lime’s got a new blog at It’s powered by WordPress, and it’s a Korean version (with Korean interface, I mean) she’s running, though she tells me she plans on posting in English occasionally.

Incidentally, I am really impressed with WordPress. For a company determined to keep providing its product for free, and for something built using Open Source and community input and involvement, it’s an amazing product. While it took me a little while to get used to—because I was changing over from the Movable Type interface to which I was accustomed—I have to give WordPress really big props for achieving so much.

Open Source really can work! I really does work. So these days I am thinking about how and when I might change over to some flavour of Linux. I’m kind of tired of the bugginess of Windows, even the relatively better XP form, and I wouldn’t mind something a little more challenging to sink my teeth into—and something a little more customizable, as well. Someone recommended Ubuntu to me, and since Lime’s brought back her laptop for a Windows reinstall, I’m thinking of fiddling up an Ubuntu installation on it and playing with it for a couple of days first, before resintalling Windows. We’ll see what I think of it. If it looks good, I’ll probably just get my hands on an old PC-방 unit and install it, to work my way slowly up the learning curve without having to give up the comfort of the familiar all at once. (Though I may find in the end I need to just dive straight in if I’m really going to make the switch.)

Is anyone else out there running some form of Linux? Any advice for me? I don’t usually run much in the way of games; it’s mainly web browsing, email, word processing, image editing, and so on… although I am getting into one online game (which I posted about here) with some pretty high software/hardware requirements, and for which—if I switched to Linux—I’d need a new video card.

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  1. I recently installed Linux on an old laptop. I started with Debian, but that turned out to be too complicated, so I switched to Ubuntu, because they have automated nearly everything for morons like myself. ^^ Unfortuately I’m still working on getting my internet connection to work…

    Ubuntu has an interesting “test-drive” CD-ROM that will let you experience their Linux distro and all the programs that come standard on Ubuntu withouth making any changes to your hard drive. You just boot to your CD-ROM drive with their CD-ROM in there. I found that useful.

    Here’s an interesting tool that takes input about what your goals and experience with Linux are and then recomments a distro:

  2. You can set the language to Korean in any Linux distro. And Ubuntu is able to *read* Korean in the basic install. I kept the language English (so the menus, error messages, etc are English) and added the ability to input Korean. See:

    And if you’re doing Ubuntu, you’ll want to install the add-on disk, because it has a lot of goodies you would find yourself needing and having to install by hand before long:

  3. Cool, thanks for the info, Taemin. :) I’ll be looking into this really soon, like, this week or next. I have a feeling I may try it out on the computer at work and install it if I like it. It’s free, so I can’t see people complaining for me wanting an OS in English. :)

    (I can get by in Korean, but would prefer to just install an English-language OS for the tricky bits.)

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