Lost: One Recurring Dream

Lately, on returning home I’ve been falling asleep early. I’m talking about coming home from work at 6:30 pm, having a couples of glasses of water, setting up my computer to burn a DVD-ROM, and then laying down to read a little while I wait for the CD to finish, and suddenly waking up at 1:30 am, or something like that.

It’s quite strange, though, because when I wake at 1:30 am, I have this clear memory of the feeling I had during my dream. I have the very clear memory of having said aloud in the dream, “Wait, this is a recurring dream, and it’s TOTALLY based on __________.” But I don’t remember the content of the dream, nor do I even remember what it was supposedly based on. It might be stuff from the novel I’m now drafting, or from a book or movie I’ve seen recently. It certainly feels to me as familiar as something I know in that sort of a way; something I’ve spent some brain power on lately, definitely.

But what it is, I cannot, for the life of me, remember.

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