New Korean Expression

같은 값이면 다홍치마.

It came up in conversation the other night, and Lime and her friend couldn’t explain it to me, so I asked Chullsung here at work. He explained that it was something like, “If the two skirts are the same price, I’ll take the fancy royal red one!” Something roughly like that. 다홍 is some kind of word for red, which I could perhaps have guessed knowing that 홍차 is “red tea”.

Apparently this means something about choosing the better of two options, given that each one comes at about the same “price”: the nicer of two men, the better of two cars, the workable of two work situations. I’m not sure I’ll be able to come up with a situation in which to use it, or whether I’ll remember it if I ever do have such a situation, but it’s still neat to know.

2 thoughts on “New Korean Expression

  1. When I was visiting Tokyo this summer, I of course ran into all the vending machines on the street. In them, were sold beverages of various kinds, and sizes.

    Funny thing though is that they were all the same price: a 12 oz. bottle of Pocari Sweat was the same price as an 8 oz. bottle of Pocari Sweat.

    Reason being: you just buy what you need, use what you need.

    But that’s a scenario where I’d use the 2 skirts quote! Because I’ll buy the bigger bottle for the same price! Hell, the stuff has tons of preservatives in it–I’ll save it for drinking throughout the day.

  2. Oh, that makes sense. I suppose I could have used it last semester in the case where I was asked whether I preferred to teach an advanced class of education students, or just a regular one. Advanced Ed classes are usually pretty good, so of course I took the advanced group.

    By the way, I’m very surprised and not at all surprised about the Pocari Sweat. The weird thing I’ve noticed is that things like 2% (E pro!) which are more of a near-water drink are priced about a dime more than cola, or at least that’s the price difference on campus. A can of Coke or Pepsi is 500 won (about 50 cents US) and a similar sized can of near-water beverage costs about 600 won (yeah, round sixty cents).

    These days, I don’t buy Pocari or 2% or cola much. Oooh, but I’ll explain why in an individual post!

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