At Times Like This, One Wishes

I wanted to post this earlier today, but my connection was down and the file was set aside till now.

This is me in one of those rare moments when one wishes that he were a prayin’ sort of man. Because there’s nothing much else I can do for my friends out in Texas. Hang tight, all you guys. I hope the best for you. Damn Rita, damn.

2 thoughts on “At Times Like This, One Wishes

  1. Your Austin friends are doing fine. Dan M. in Houston is fine. Rob S. in Houston was fine last night, going to try to head home at some point.

    If you know anyone in Beaumont or Louisiana, that’s who you should be thinking of. Damn, but that’s painful — seeing all these people who just barely dodged the worst of Katrina being hit full-force by this one.

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