Bandwidth, Woah! Cool!

Woah! Okay, this was a shocker for me! This morning I got a notice from my website host noting that I am getting close to exceeding my monthly bandwidth. This is just from normal traffic, which I’m supposing means that I’m accumulating a stable of readers I don’t know about.

Well, or something. Earlier in September, I got a spike in traffic, and my bandwidth was through the roof on that day. Now I KNOW that a link from a major blog would just kill my site in a day or two: well, or else I’d shell out big money for a few weeks and then upgrade to an account with more bandwidth as soon as possible.

But I think I may need to start thinking about upgrading my account soon anyway: I have only 3 megabytes of available space in my website, and there’s not much I can do in the way of paring down content. I could make some content — such as some of my music tracks — unavailable, or offer them via bittorrent instead, but I’d prefer to have a bunch of MP3s available, just for the sake of having it right there for you.

Anyway, we’ll see. Maybe there’s a huge cache of graphics somewhere I can modify or something.

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