Weird Linkage — What’s This All About?

I’m not making a link on purpose, since I have a weird suspicion about the function of this, but I wanted to ask: why the hell would this organization put a link to my homepage on their index?

And the contact page seems only to include info about their mailing list. I just don’t get why the hell they’re linking to me. And there’s a link to my site on an Optometrist’s Association Home Page, too. WTF?

8 thoughts on “Weird Linkage — What’s This All About?

  1. Which reminds me.

    Last week, I received spam that was offering to put gay-related advertising on your website.

    Maybe I shouldn’t have deleted it so fast.

  2. Ha! Well, I’m not sure my website gets so much traffic from that demographic, really, and anyway, I’d rather leap out a window than accept any advertising being posted on my site. It was one of the reasons I left Blogger, way back when.

  3. Hmm, that worked. I decided to sign up for the same log-in on another blog, too, but had trouble there.

    Anyway, I’m told that sometimes spammer-types will create linkages in the hopes that other people’s statcounters will publically show who’s linking to their pages. Then the “businessmen” can create a bit more traffic for themselves.

  4. Blogger used to put banner ads and a blogger bar on every Blogger site. This was back in, oh, 2002, or 2003, I think. Now you just have the little bar at the top, but there used to be banner ads at the top of every page. It was annoying, for me anyway.

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