What’s Left To Do This Weekend?

  • Cook this defrosted chicken.
  • Finish building that magazine website.
  • Re-edit my column for that same magazine.
  • Write a 1300-word piece on the music festival I attended last week for translation and inclusion in a Korean magazine.
  • Clean up, take out my recyclables, and mop my floor.
  • Clean off my hard disk by burning several (maybe a dozen) DVD-ROMs.
  • Call that guy in Seoul who owes me W1,500,000 for the plane ticket I canceled during the summer.

And that’s not even mentioning all the stuff I need to do for me, like, you know, read a book, and work on my short story, and maybe check out some links I’m supposed to check out, and get organized for the end of semester… I have to stop putting all that stuff off, or I’ll find myself paying the price. A bad price indeed.

The more time passes, the more I realize what a precious resource it is, the more important it becomes to me not to waste even a bit of it. Well, except of course on fun little flash games online, like the ones I’ve linked to in the sidebar.

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